Headquarters Environment

PSI's Washington, DC headquarters is situated in the heart of downtown, near area universities, government agencies, and multilateral organizations. Our proximity to these institutions, as well as other international nonprofits and consulting companies, makes it easy for us to contribute to the latest activities and debate in the field of international health and development.

Our DC headquarters has the energy and pace of a growing multinational company. As you walk down the halls, you will see samples of original artwork—PSI advertisements from around the world—and display cases with our product samples. You may also overhear conversations in French, Russian, or Swahili, and brainstorming sessions for the name of the next condom brand.

At PSI, people make the difference. PSI's creative approach to development attracts a diverse blend of talented individuals who are passionate about their work. Through their dedication and innovation, PSI employees produce measurable results. This can involve long hours, but we enjoy what we do and what our work means for the health options of lower-income people.

Whether to celebrate a new contract, send off a colleague to an overseas post, or observe St. Patrick's Day, PSI employees also take the time to unwind. There are happy hours, retreats, and office parties, allowing employees to participate in a wide range of activities from strategic planning to karaoke, from focus groups to belly dancing. During the summer, PSI's softball team, the "Love Gloves," competes against the teams of political offices, lawyers, and other nonprofits.

Most importantly, we are all committed to PSI's cause. Many of our talented staff members have foregone private-sector salaries to work for nonprofit wages. In exchange, they receive the kind of fulfillment, on a personal and professional level, that comes only from fighting the big battles. At PSI, we all know we are playing our part in the fight against AIDS, malaria, and childhood disease, and in empowering people around the world with the knowledge and tools they need to live healthier lives.