Netherlands Government Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinates and carries out Dutch foreign policy at its headquarters in The Hague and through its missions abroad. It is likewise the channel through which the Dutch Government communicates with foreign governments and international organizations.

PSI’s Grants from the Government of the Netherlands

The Government of the Netherlands has been funding PSI’s activities for over 15 years, and Dutch support has expanded in recent years to include all regions in which PSI operates.

The Royal Netherlands Embassy (RNE) has been a key partner to PSI in implementing its activities in the Southern Africa region from 2005-2011 through the regional project Expanding and Improving Social Marketing in Southern Africa, as well as through bilateral support in Mozambique and Tanzania. The RNE has funded two essential aspects of PSI’s Southern Africa regional response to the HIV epidemic: 1) expanding condom social marketing (CSM) programs; and, 2) building regional capacity to use state-of-the-art techniques to design, implement, monitor, and evaluate CSM efforts in 12 countries.

In a RNE-funded project in Mbeye region of Tanzania, PSI recently documented an increase in condom use at last sex from 37% to 87% compared to an increase from 42% to 59% in a control area (non-intervention area). This increase in condom use was linked to PSI communications and promotions in the area. These results demonstrate the critical role the RNE has played in maintaining condom availability and promoting condom use in Southern Africa through this project.

The Dutch Government has also supported PSI programs through the Strategic Alliances with International NGOs (SALIN) program. SALIN seeks to measurably improve sexual and reproductive health by contributing to increases in contraceptive use and decreases in HIV prevalence; ensuring that young people have improved access to information on sexual and reproductive health and family planning services; and supporting continued innovation in the SRH field focusing on innovations that are taken to scale. PSI countries receiving SALIN funding include El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Togo, Benin, Cameroon, Mali, DRC, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Somaliland and Haiti. Themes consistently addressed across SALIN projects include: adolescents, gender issues, integration of family planning and HIV, fragile states, and messages that empower.

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