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Five & Alive, a fundraising and awareness campaign of Population Services International (PSI), focuses on the global health crisis facing children under the age of five and their families. Five & Alive concentrates on the devastating and deadly diseases, but entirely preventable, facing children such as malaria, water-borne illness, pneumonia and malnutrition.

Letter from the Director

Five & AliveFive & Alive is about beginnings. Our goal is to ensure that every child, regardless of where they are born, has a healthy start in life.

Nearly 10 million children do not make it to their 5th birthday. These children die every year from entirely preventable diseases. Amidst this sobering truth, there is hope. Together we have the tools and the power to make a tremendous difference in the lives of these children.

Five & Alive, a program of Population Services International (PSI), provides malaria prevention tools and treatment, improves access to safe drinking water, provides nutritional supplements and treats pneumonia in children aged five and under. With projects in more than 30 countries worldwide, Five & Alive is working to ensure that all children stay alive and healthy. To date, Five & Alive/PSI has purified over 40 billion liters of water and distributed over 48 million mosquito nets to underprivileged children and their families all over the world.

Every child must be ensured a healthy start in life; their subsequent birthdays, the future of their communities, their nations and the whole world depend on it.

Thank you for helping to safeguard millions of more birthdays, around the world, with your generosity.

Kate Roberts

To learn more about Five & Alive, please contact (202) 785-0072 or email

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