Get the Daily ImpactPSI operates in the private sector, with a bottom-line orientation that is rare among nonprofit organizations. The success of our approach is reflected in the consistent growth of PSI and the impact we are having. PSI currently operates in more than 60 countries in Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Eastern Europe. PSI is constantly expanding its portfolio of products and services for reproductive health, HIV/AIDS prevention, malaria control, child survival and safe water. With the assistance of our donors, government counterparts, and partner organizations, PSI employees are saving lives.

At PSI, our success is due to our dedicated, creative, and enterprising staff. Our employees come from a variety of backgrounds for a common purpose: to empower low-income people to lead healthier lives through the informed use of essential health products and services, which are accessible and affordable to them.

In addition to creating demand for health products and services through traditional marketing and advertising techniques, we also create a supply—distributing products through local markets and consumer outlets, and providing services at locations where populations at risk can easily access them. And we subsidize prices, so that these products and services are affordable to the people we most need to reach—the poor.

PSI combines entrepreneurial spirit with social mission. Many of our program staff members began their careers in the commercial sector—in marketing, advertising, sales, or consulting—and decided to apply their business skills to helping people around the world lead healthier lives. Others have worked for international health and development organizations, managing projects and providing technical assistance in developing countries. Employees in our functional departments (Accounting, Contracts, Development, People, Procurement & Logistics and Public Affairs) come from a wide variety of backgrounds to lend their expertise to the support and promotion of PSI's mission.

PSI's headquarters positions are based in the heart of Washington, DC. Positions with PSI's offices and affiliates are based throughout Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Eastern Europe. Whether you work at PSI as an Accountant or a Program Manager, PSI encourages innovation and offers continual opportunities for professional growth.