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PSI opened an office in the Kingdom of Lesotho in 2001, launching a condom social marketing program and a network of HIV testing and counseling (HTC) services that remain a model of efficiency and government partnership. Since its inception, PSI has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and prevented thousands of HIV infections. In addition to PSI’s core programming areas, PSI has expanded its portfolio to include HIV prevention interventions in the workplace; diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections; and comprehensive HIV prevention activities including Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision with the Lesotho Defence Forces.

PSI works throughout Lesotho with a head office in Maseru and Regional Programming sub-offices located in Maseru, and Mafeteng. PSI provides counseling and testing services via both fixed sites and mobile clinics from these locations and maintains extensive outreach to remote, rural areas through far reaching HTC outreach and condom social marketing activities.

Health Areas


Health Impact

PSI believes in quantifiable measurement of activities and impact and since 2001 can report that we have:

  • Distributed more than 25 million unpackaged condoms free-of-charge through 130 MoHSW public health clinics, hospitals, hotels, taverns, businesses, and partner organizations nationwide.
  • Sold more than 22 million condoms under the Trust and Lovers Plus brands.
  • Provided high-quality, free HTC to more than 250,000 Basotho.

In total, these activities have resulted in 14,824 averted HIV infections and at least 70,935 averted unintended pregnancies. In all, PSI/Lesotho has contributed more than 369,170 Disability Adjusted Life Years to Basotho since 2001.

Health Interventions
Improving Health in Lesotho

HIV Testing & Counseling

PSI/Lesotho’s network of New Start ® HTC Centres currently includes both fixed sites and mobile units. Beginning in 2012, PSI plans to increase mobile outreach and support door-to-door HTC to better complement the government’s existing HTC activities and more effectively serving vulnerable groups who are unlikely to access fixed site services. PSI-supported HTC sites provided counseling and testing to more than 250,000 Basotho since 2005.

In addition to direct service provision, PSI/Lesotho is a national leader in training for HTC, providing pre- and in-service training and quality assurance to a wide variety of Government and non-Governmental partners. Additionally, New Start ® centers regularly host students attending the National University of Lesotho for professional attachments in counseling. As in all program areas, PSI complements service activities with both branded and generic behavior change communication. PSI/Lesotho’s acclaimed “Test for Your Team” soccer tournaments have been held at the District level throughout the Kingdom and was a tremendous success resulting in a significant increase in use of HTC services among men.

Condom Social Marketing

PSI/Lesotho’s condom social marketing activities include commercial sales of three brands of male condoms (Trust, Trust Studded, & Lovers Plus Colored and Flavored) as well as the distribution of free-issue condoms to ensure access and availability. More than 40 million condoms have been sold and distributed since PSI/Lesotho began programming in 2001.

Commercial sales of condoms are realized through an extensive network of wholesale marketers, retail outlets, and private businesses, harnessing the power of the market to drive demand and sales. PSI compliments sales by assisting the Government of Lesotho through an aggressive system of free condom distribution through workplaces, health centers, and community-based organizations.

PSI/Lesotho’s sales and distribution activities are complemented by state of the art social marketing and a wide range of behavior change communication, including multi-channel media campaigns, a regular schedule of community mobilization events, and targeted interpersonal communication provided by PSI’s team of full-time Field Educators.


PSI/Lesotho also receives US government-donated female condoms (FC) every year, which are distributed through PSI testing and counseling centers, public and private universities, ALAFA participating factories and other private sector partners. An expanded FC pilot known as “Silk-ee” comprising enhanced free distribution of a new branded FC product was launched in February 2011 and is scheduled for a commercial launch in 2012.

“Comprehensive HIV Prevention” is the military maneuver being supported by PSI with the Lesotho Defense Forces (LDF). Launched in 2007, PSI/Lesotho’s innovative collaboration with the LDF utilizes behavioral research; tailored condom promotion and distribution; peer education; and HTC capacity building and services to help men and women in uniform protect themselves against HIV/AIDS.

Target Populations

Sexually active men and women aged 15-35, with a focus on men and couples, at-risk populations like migrants, members of uniformed services, miners, military workers and their families, factory workers, young women enrolled at institutions of higher learning and commercial sex workers.

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