Building Partnerships

b_partner.JPGPSI’s success lies in the partnerships it builds and maintains with donors, individuals, groups, government ministries, NGOs and private companies around the world.

As an implementing partner to governments, PSI works in concert with ministries of health to achieve the national goals for particular health areas. Recently, a coordinated partnership led by the Government of Rwanda resulted in more than a million long lasting insecticidal nets being delivered to every Rwandan child aged between six months and five years during a week long integrated child survival campaign. This effort succeeded because of close collaboration between various partners, including the Rwandan Ministry of Health, UNPD, UNICEF, WHO, Red Cross and PSI.

On the ground, PSI works hand in hand with community members, peer educators and other groups. In hard-hit areas, PSI collaborates with community influencers to spread education and awareness among peers. In Swaziland, a country with staggeringly high rates of HIV, a young man named Mlungisi heard about circumcision as a way to help prevent HIV. “I’m one person who likes being a role model. If there is ever something good that is supposed to be done by young people, I want to be the first one to do it.” Convinced that it was a smart decision, Mlungisi chose to have the procedure. “I encourage each and every Swazi guy that circumcision is a must-do.” Based on his positive experience, 10 of his friends have since been circumcised. Without these types of partnerships, with members of target populations actively working towards the improvement of their own lives and those of others, PSI would not be successful.

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