Changing Behaviors

b_change.JPGEncouraging healthy behaviors and empowering the vulnerable in the countries we serve to make smart decisions regarding their health is at the center of PSI's work.

PSI is a leader in behavior change communications (BCC), information exchange tailored to specific groups to encourage health-seeking behaviors. BCC provides people with the information that they need to make smart decisions about their health, educating them about why certain behaviors benefit their health and well-being and also giving them the tools to carry out these measures. PSI’s BCC uses commercial marketing techniques to position products and services with messages that promote knowledge and help normalize and reinforce healthy behaviors.

PSI uses both branded and non-branded BCC campaigns to encourage healthy behaviors and sometimes combines the two to simultaneously promote a behavior and encourage the use of a single product. PSI’s branded campaigns promote its socially marketed products or services, using traditional, commercial marketing techniques to create a demand for them, while its non-branded campaigns use these same techniques to promote a certain behavior. These campaigns are disseminated to PSI’s target audiences through a variety of channels—such as mass media, peer education, school programs, community-theater, mobile multi-media events, interpersonal communication, and special event sponsorship—and are presented in many ways so that people of various levels of education can benefit.

In Togo, PSI is conducting a BCC campaign with uniformed services personnel called “Operation Haute Protection (Operation High Protection).” The campaign focuses primarily on police officers, customs agents, firemen and para-military and promotes healthy behaviors such as condom use and treatment of sexually transmitted infections as well as creating a demand for voluntary counseling and testing services and PSI/Togo’s Protector Plus condom brand as a means to prevent HIV. This campaign blends various messaging to encourage its target audience to make educated decisions to further their health and reduce their risk of contracting HIV.

PSI’s BCC Catalogue