Reducing Unsafe Abortion

Worldwide, at least 13% of maternal mortality is attributed to unsafe abortion. Every year, 70,000- 100,000 women die from unsafe abortion and an additional 5 million are hospitalized for related complications, which often result in permanent disabilities. The majority of these women are from the poorest areas of developing countries, and their deaths have far reaching consequences for their children, families and communities.

PSI seeks to save women’s lives and reduce the morbidity caused by unsafe abortion. PSI makes quality contraceptives available in order to enable women to avoid unintended pregnancies, estimated to be approximately 76 million in the developing world, annually. In four countries: India, Cambodia, Nepal and South Africa, where abortion is legal yet unsafe abortion practices continue, PSI works to increase access to WHO-approved medical abortion drugs. These drugs are a safe alternative to the dangerous abortion methods and products that lead to increased maternal morbidity and mortality in these countries.

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