Tuberculosis (TB) is a curable and preventable illness, yet it remains a major cause of death worldwide. It is one of the biggest killers of women of reproductive age and the most common cause of death among people living with HIV. PSI provides a variety of innovative TB and TB/HIV-related services, engaging private providers in diagnosis and treatment and integrating HIV counseling and testing and TB services. It also creates innovative behavior change communication campaigns to increase awareness of TB and TB/HIV and to promote healthy behaviors.

Social Marketing to Combat Tuberculosis

PSI and other global health agencies use social marketing and social franchising to help identify TB cases among a target population and to increase adherence by affected patients to full treatment through Directly Observed Treatment Short course (DOTS). The effectiveness of social marketing and franchising interventions in combating tuberculosis is documented in our Social Marketing Evidence Base. The Social Marketing Evidence Base compiles systematically reviewed evaluations of social marketing and social franchising interventions by PSI and other organizations in the countries and health areas where PSI operates.

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