Strengthening Local Capacity

Achieving healthy lives is at the core of PSI’s mission, but results don’t come without partnership and investment in local communities. PSI takes a comprehensive approach to sustainable development, working in support of local governments and ministries of health and in partnership with local organizations to help reach nationally developed health objectives. Harnessing the power of private markets and local economies, PSI delivers life-saving messages, services and products to the world’s most at-risk populations worldwide. Through partnership with local organizations, PSI provides the dignity of choice to vulnerable communities.

With more than 8,000 employees around the globe, nearly 90 percent of all staff is native to the local community in which they work. A leading organization in behavior change communication, PSI’s communications are evidence-based and culturally sensitive, influenced by active community participation. Often, local community members are employed by PSI to serve as peer educators. Through training sessions, these individuals are able to empower their peers to make healthy decisions for themselves and their families.

Through innovative social marketing campaigns, PSI creates both demand and supply in local economies, encouraging sustainable economic development. Working with local pharmacies, clinics and community organizations, PSI utilizes the existing resources to communicate messages and distribute products while also developing local capacity. From the warehouse to the pharmacy, PSI works with the community to meet their needs and includes them actively in the process of creating healthy lives. Often this investment in the local economy creates job opportunities for the economically disadvantaged. In Haiti, for example, HIV-positive individuals who are often otherwise unemployable due to social inequalities and stigma work in PSI warehouses packaging medicines and preparing products for distribution.

PSI also believes that communities, countries and economies cannot thrive without ensuring that basic health needs of the population are addressed. When families have access to safe drinking water, girls won't be slaves to water and are more likely to attend school, when mothers have reproductive health information to properly space births, children are better fed and better cared for, when youth have accurate information about HIV transmission, they are better prepared to make healthy choices.

As the primary recipient of major grants from donors like The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, USAID, KFW and the Gates Foundation, PSI grants sub-awards to local organizations to achieve national health impact from the community level up. Through this local collaboration, PSI strengthens the ability of local groups to achieve healthy lives for themselves, guiding the process and enhancing the likelihood for sustainable development with a lasting impact.