PSI's Presentations at IAC

PSI staff from around the world will present more than 60 abstracts at the 2010 International AIDS Conference. A complete listing is below.

HIV Counseling & Testing (HCT)

  • Attitudes about Pediatric HIV Testing in Rural Zimbabwe
  • Retesting and HIV Sero-conversion among Previously Negative Clients Attending PSI Rwanda’s HCT Services, 2009-2010
  • Increase in VCT Uptake Among Most-at-risk Populations Exposed to Chan Troi Moi Social Marketing Campaigns, Vietnam

Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC)

Reasons for Not Getting Circumcised and Willingness to Get Circumcised (Botswana)
VMMC as an Entry Point for other Male Reproductive Health Services

Male and Female Condoms

  • Analysis of Male Condom Availability and Quality of Coverage in High-risk Areas for HIV Transmission in El Salvador
  • I have things under control! (A demonstration of the female condom intervention in Cameroon)
  • Feel Pleasured, Feel Empowered and Feel Protected: The Triple Benefits of Female Condoms

Concurrent Sexual Partnerships

  • Evaluation of a Behavior Change Communication Program Targeted to Reduce Concurrent Sexual Partnerships in Botswana
  • Contextual Analysis of the Risk of Marriage as a Driver of HIV Epidemic in Uganda: Interpretation of Patterns of HIV Prevalence in Uganda

People Who Inject Drugs

  • Development of Comprehensive HIV Prevention Programs for People Who Inject Drugs Through Government and Civil Society Collaboration in Russia
  • Accessibility of Sterile Injecting Equipment though Voucher Scheme among Injecting Drug Users in Bangkok Metropolitan region, Thailand

Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM)

  • An application of pervasive gaming to HIV prevention with MSM in Romania
  • Promoting HIV Testing Among Men who have Sex with Men in Mexico: Struggling with Stigma and Miss conceptions
  • A profile of men who have sex with men (MSM) in Lome and Aneho cities, Togo: Challenges and opportunities for programming
  • Effectiveness of interpersonal communications (IPC) on reducing HIV risk among MSM in 5 central American countries
  • Advantages and challenges of using Respondent Driven Sampling (RDS) to reach MSM in Cameroon

Female Sex Workers and Clients of Female Sex Workers

  • Factors Associated with condom use among female sex workers aged 15-29 in the ABMS/PSI intervention areas in Benin
  • Factors Associated with condom use among Commercial Sex Workers in the city of Bukuvu (Democratic Republic of Congo)
  • Factors Associated with Consistent Condom Use among Female Sex Workers in Burundi
  • Effect of Communication Campaigns on Sexually Transmitted Infections Treatment Seeking Behavior among Male Clients of Female Sex Workers in India

Other Populations at Risk

  • Analysis of Youth Behaviors (15-24 years) surrounding Unplanned Pregnancies and HIV Risk Behaviors in El Salvador
  • Evidence-Based Approach to Preventing HIV/AIDS among Vendors, Plantation Workers and the Fishing Community in Malawi
  • Increased Condom Use among Military Personnel in Burundi: Evidence from a Behavior Change Communications Intervention
  • Improving knowledge, attitude and behavior along a transport corridor: joint efforts of MDG, National Agency and Road Safety Commission in Nigeria
  • "Women and Real Men" (Las Mujeres y los Hombres de Verdad) – What Women Think about "Real Men" in Six Countries of Central America
  • People Living with HIV and Preventing Motherto- Child Transmission (PMTCT)
  • Exploring the Determinant of Stigma and Discrimination in Cameroon
  • Eliminating New Pediatric HIV Infections in India: Role of Public-Private Partnership Models of PMTCT for Universal Access
  • Should measurement of HIV-related Stigma and Discrimination Be Redefined?

Health Financing

  • Catalysing Policy Change: Lessons from Advocating Mainstreaming HIV in Health Insurance in India
  • Study on Government Funding of the HIV National Response in Nigeria


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