Impact Reports

PSI relies on a network of efficient, reliable, and credible metrics that frame success around reductions in disease burden and use of family planning interventions. Our fundamental measures of health impact are the disability-adjusted life year (DALY) averted and couple years of protection (CYPs) provided. When PSI averts one DALY, it means that we have prevented the loss of one year of productive, healthy life. When PSI provides one CYP, it means that we have provided one year of protection against unintended pregnancy.

Monthly Impact Reports and Year End / Mid Year Dashboards are one of the ways PSI adheres to its corporate mission to measure the health impact of our work. In the reports and dashboards below, PSI's health impact is expressed by region, country and product. Contact us at if you would like to see or have questions about past reports.

September 2014 Impact Report

2013 Year End Impact:

Previous annual impact reports

2013 DALYs averted using old & new coefficients: