FoQus (Framework for Qualitative Research in Social Marketing)

PSI conducts qualitative research to provide rich, action-oriented evidence for program planners. This evidence helps program planners to develop interventions and health messages that will successfully reach target audiences.

PSI’s “Project FoQus” is qualitative research that emphasizes audience-centered, qualitative methods such as photonarratives, collage-making and theatre presentations, as well as in-depth interviews and small group discussions. FoQus is conducted as a collaborative process between program planners, marketers, researchers and members of the target audience to inform intervention design.

FoQus most often serves as formative research to develop campaign strategies and messages, and is usually conducted when interventions are being designed or modified. FoQus studies provide insight into how target audience members make health decisions and which messages are likely to resonate to change health behaviors. In certain cases, FoQus is used during program implementation to clarify or redirect program and marketing strategy.

PSI began training researchers in the FoQus approach to qualitative research in 2008 and scaled up globally in 2009. By 2010, the FoQus approach to qualitative research was well established at PSI, and it continues to evolve.

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