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Noah Taruberekera
Regional Researcher, Southern Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa

Noah Taruberekera is a trained demographer with a PhD from the University of Zimbabwe. He has over 8 years experience in development research and...

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Beliefs and Motivations about Condom Use among Youth in Benin | 12.06.10

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In 2007, PSI/Benin conducted a TRaC study on condom use among youth 15-24, and determined that brand attributes are important determinants of condom use in this target group. In order to increase the use of Prudence Plus by youth, PSI/Benin sought to develop a new marketing strategy to make the brand more appealing and relatable to youth. This FoQus for marketing planning study gave the research team an in-depth look at youth in Benin to learn more about beliefs and motivations for condom use in the target population.

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Country: Benin, Africa - Western and Central
Health Areas: HIV
Type: Qualitative Research Sum. (FoQus)
FoQus Type: FoQus for Marketing Planning
Behavior Type: Consistent Condom Use