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Gary Mundy
Senior Regional Researcher, South East Asia, Research and Metrics
Hanoi, Vietnam

Gary Mundy oversees PSI’s research activities in Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. Gary joined PSI from the BBC World Service...

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Beliefs and Motivations about Condom Use among Youth in Benin | 12.06.10

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In 2007, PSI/Benin conducted a TRaC study on condom use among youth 15-24, and determined that brand attributes are important determinants of condom use in this target group. In order to increase the use of Prudence Plus by youth, PSI/Benin sought to develop a new marketing strategy to make the brand more appealing and relatable to youth. This FoQus for marketing planning study gave the research team an in-depth look at youth in Benin to learn more about beliefs and motivations for condom use in the target population.

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Country: Benin, Africa - Western and Central
Health Areas: HIV
Type: Qualitative Research Sum. (FoQus)
FoQus Type: FoQus for Marketing Planning
Behavior Type: Consistent Condom Use