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Amy Gregowski
Regional Researcher, Asia & Eastern Europe
Bangkok, Thailand

Amy Gregowski provides oversight and technical assistance to PSI’s research activities in Asia and Eastern Europe. She holds a Masters of Health...

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Determinants of Condom Use and Safer Sex Practices among FSW in Angola | 12.06.10

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After conducting TRaC studies among female sex workers (FSW) in Cunene and Luanda, PSI/Angola discovered sharp differences in report condom use behaviors between the two cities. In an effort to increase condom use in Cunene and stabilize opportunity, ability, and motivation factors among FSW in Luanda, PSI/Angola conducted this FoQus for Marketing Planning study to better understand determinants of condom use and safer sex practices among FSW and to create better targeted interpersonal communication activities.

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Country: Africa - Eastern, Angola
Health Areas: HIV
Type: Qualitative Research Sum. (FoQus)
FoQus Type: FoQus for Marketing Planning
Behavior Type: Consistent Condom Use