FoQus for Marketing Planning

Like a FoQus for Segmentation study, FoQus for Marketing Planning is the process of profiling target audiences and identifying actionable opportunities to connect with these people in order to strongly position particular health products, services and behaviors. Unlike a qualitative segmentation study, the FoQus on Marketing Planning process begins with input from PSI TRaC studies (quantitative studies) to identify primary areas of inquiry: the behavioral factors that will be researched and targeted through branding. Data are collected using qualitative methods that have been adapted from the for-profit sector.

PSI researchers, in close collaboration with PSI’s social marketers, interpret the data to first develop an archetype – a “typical” member of the target group in which to anchor the research findings. Together, they then generate a short document (the “dashboard”) that contains the following information: the archetype’s beliefs to change; beliefs to reinforce; strategies already used to behave; perceptions of the current brand’s position and personality; and the archetype’s opportunity, ability, and motivation to process communications.

The final portion of the dashboard is completed by identifying the appropriate "marketing mix" and generating a positioning statement that includes the archetype, the frame of reference, and the functional and emotional points of difference for the socially marketed brand. The completed dashboard is then used as in input to the marketing plan.

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