PSI Research & Metrics Staff Profile

David Jeffries
The Gambia

David Jeffries oversees the development new initiatives, including integrating country- and intra-country variance into models, improving measures of...

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Publications Catalogue

  1. 2014 August Global Impact Report

    | 09.30.14

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  2. IPC toolkit

    Toolkit | 09.08.14

    A compilation of examples, lessons learned and best practices in IPC programs based on the IPC Deep Dive conducted in 2011.

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  3. 2014 July Global Impact Report

    | 08.27.14

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  4. PSI and MSI Launch Social Franchising eLearning Course

    Other Resource | 08.21.14

    Increasingly, non-profit organizations like Population Services International (PSI) and Marie Stopes International (MSI) are applying commercial...

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  5. 2014 June Global Impact Report

    | 07.28.14

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  6. Brands that save lives: How social franchising saves lives before, during, and immediately after birth

    Other Resource | 07.23.14

    Expanding choice and access to contraceptives, especially long-acting reversible (LARC) and permanent methods (PM), is one of the best ways to...

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  7. Using private investor capital to increase NGO impact: a framework and key considerations to facilitate engagement

    Other Resource | 06.30.14

    By Population Services International and Zurich Insurance Group Ltd

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  8. 2014 April Global Impact Report

    Health Impact Report | 06.24.14

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  9. 2014 May Global Impact Report

    Health Impact Report | 06.24.14

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  10. Campbell Collaboration Colloquium 2014: The Social Marketing Evidence Base

    Conference Presentation | 06.12.14

    PSI presented the two posters above about the Social Marketing Evidence Base (SMEB) at the Campbell Collaboration Colloquium at Queen's University...

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  11. PSI/Vietnam: Social Marketing for Improved Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

    Brief | 06.03.14

    This program brief provides an overview of PSI/Vietnam's social marketing programs to improve water, sanitation and hygiene.

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  12. PSI’s sexual and reproductive health programs for youth

    Brief | 05.14.14

    This program brief provides an overview of key programs that PSI is implementing to improve the sexual and reproductive health of youth around the...

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  13. September 2013 Global Impact Report

    | 05.12.14

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  14. Making Your Health Services Youth-Friendly: A Guide for Program Planners and Implementers

    Toolkit | 05.12.14

    The guide provides an overview of the global need for youth-friendly service provision and key recommendations for developing/strengthening sexual...

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  15. 2014 March Global Impact Report

    Health Impact Report | 04.23.14

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