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Washington, DC

Kim Longfield is the Director for Research and Metrics and has worked for PSI since 2001. She is responsible for a team of more than forty...

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Nigeria (2009): HIV/AIDS Knowledge, Attitude, Behavior and Practice among Staff and Inmates of the Nigerian Prisons Service. ROUND ONE. | 09.01.09

Study Type: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices (KAP)

Country, Region: Nigeria, West & Central Africa

Authors: Samson Adebayo, Jennifer Anyanti

Publication Year: 2009

Abstract: The major objective of the Nigerian Prisons HIV/AIDS Knowledge, Attitude Behaviour and Practice (KABP) and Sexual Reproductive Health Survey was to provide a holistic understanding of various factors that are likely to influence HIV and AIDS prevention among staff and inmates of the Nigerian prisons. In addition, it was designed to provide information on the situation of reproductive and sexual health in the prisons. Further, the survey was designed to help identify various factors that may influence reproductive and sexual health in order to provide insight into existing gaps that may require attention. The major objective of the HCT component was to estimate the prevalence of HIV infection among staff and inmates of the prisons.

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Country: Nigeria, Africa - Western and Central
Health Areas: HIV
Type: Quantitative Research Sum. (TRaC)
Behavior Type: Concurrency, Consistent Condom Use, Counseling and Testing, HIV