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Lek Ngamkitpaiboon manages the sales database and DALYs Translation Model, and produces monthly and annual reports for performance metrics. Lek first...

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Tears: Promoting Use of Female Condoms in Zimbabwe | 12.28.11

When she was younger, Tarisai “Tears” Wenzira dreamed of being a nurse like her mother. Tears’ parents died when she was 15, and she went to live with her grandmother, a farmer, along with three siblings and her late aunt’s three young children.

Times were difficult financially. She felt the dream of becoming a nurse slip away when she was forced to drop out of secondary school to help her grandmother support their large family. With little education and a lack of job opportunities,

Tears drifted into marriage and motherhood at 17.

After three years of struggling to cope with both, she divorced her husband and returned to her grandmother’s home in rural Wezda, this time with her two young daughters.

She had come full circle. Again she found herself in search for a job to help support her family. She found one as a hairdresser, which she didn’t realize then would change her life.

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Country: Zimbabwe, Africa - Southern
Health Areas: HIV, Reproductive Health
Behavior Type: Consistent Condom Use, HIV, Reproductive Health