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Rebecca Firestone
Senior Research Advisor
Washington, DC

Rebecca Firestone is trained as a social epidemiologist with area specialties in sexual and reproductive health and non-communicable diseases....

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Drivers and Barriers for Seeking Reproductive Health Services among Women in South Africa | 12.06.10

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This FoQus for Qualitative Segmentation study explores reproductive health behaviours among young women 18-24 in Johannesburg and Guateng, South Africa. No TRaC study has been conducted with this target group on family planning issues and little is known about what motivates young women to seek reproductive health services, or about their opportunity, and ability and motivation to avoid unwanted pregnancy. The purpose of this study therefore is twofold: to obtain an understanding of the barriers and motivations for accessing reliable modern contraception, and to obtain insight into the profile of the target group.

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Country: South Africa, Africa - Southern
Health Areas: Reproductive Health
Type: Qualitative Research Sum. (FoQus)
FoQus Type: FoQus for Qualitative Segmentation
Behavior Type: Reproductive Health