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Kim Longfield
Director, Strategic Research and Evaluation
Washington, DC

Kim Longfield is the Director for Research and Metrics and has worked for PSI since 2001. She is responsible for a team of more than forty...

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PAPUA NEW GUINEA (2009): Development of Communications to Support Delivery of ACT/RDTs/LLINs for Global Fund Round 8 | 08.11.09

PSI/Papua New Guinea planned to introduce artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACT) to its product line to treat malaria, while promoting complementary malaria control strategies like long-lasting insecticide-treated nets (LLIN) and rapid diagnostic tests (RDT). This FoQus study determined barriers to LLIN and ACT use, including discomfort when using nets and greater trust in traditional treatment methods. PSI/PNG used this information to create effective messages to promote malaria control and treatment.

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Country: Papua New Guinea, Asia / Pacific
Health Areas: Malaria
Type: Qualitative Research Sum. (FoQus)
FoQus Type: FoQus for Qualitative Segmentation
Behavior Type: Malaria Prevention