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Ange Houngbede
Research Assistant
Cotonou, Benin

Ange Houngbede provides administrative, financial, and technical assistance to the research team in Benin. She assists with flight management, travel...

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China (2009): Tracking Survey among Rural Populations in Malaria Endemic Townships in Target Counties in Yuxi, Honghe and Xishuangbanna Prefectures, Yunnan Province. Second Round. | 06.13.09

Study Type: Tracking Results Continuously (TRaC)

Country, Region: China, Asia & Eastern Europe

Author: Zhang Zhonghao, Rakdaow Pritchard

Publication Year: 2009

Abstract: PSI/China is implementing a five-year Global Fund-funded program targeting the rural population in malaria endemic townships in the target counties of Yuxi, Honghe and Xishuangbanna Prefectures in Yunnan Province. The purpose of the program is to prevent malaria by increasing the use of insecticide treated nets (including LLITNs) among the target population through IEC, IPC and using a high coverage social marketing (SM) strategy to increase access to and availability of LLITNs. PSI is the only supplier of LLITNs in target area. This study reports on the second round of the TRaC survey.

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Country: China, Asia / Pacific
Health Areas: Malaria
Type: Quantitative Research Sum. (TRaC)
Behavior Type: Malaria Prevention