Support Continues for Nepal

By Shazina Masud, Country Representative, Nepal

Weeks after the initial 7.9 magnitude earthquake and powerful 7.3 and 6.3 aftershocks devastated Nepal, the situation is improving, but the Nepalese still face a long journey toward recovery and rebuilding.

As the monsoon season begins, heavy rains are triggering landslides in many of the earthquake affected districts, exacerbating an already complex situation on the ground and threatening what fragile progress has been made. Our hearts and minds are with the entire nation, including our fellow 150 PSI staff members and their families. To meet the continuing need for safe drinking water and help protect vulnerable households from water borne illnesses, PSI Nepal is distributing Procter and Gamble’s Purifier of Water sachets in several of the most affected districts in Nepal through our community workers.

In addition, we are facilitating trainings for other organizations who are distributing the product. We are also supporting providers in both the public and private health sectors by supplying trainings, materials and mentoring on the provision of emergency Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illness. Through our existing network of private providers, we continue to provide essential reproductive health and family planning services as well.

If you would like to support PSI and our long-term efforts on the ground in Nepal, please go to

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