Infographic: What’s the Ideal Client Journey for People with Hypertension?

In February 2017, PSI and Pfizer Inc. launched the Healthy Communities program in Myanmar and Vietnam to incubate sustainable, scalable hypertension programs. Leveraging insights from patients and providers, the program aims to understand the market for hypertension products and services with the broader aim to improve early detection and management of the condition across low- and middle-income countries.

In celebration of World Hypertension Day 2018, PSI is pleased to share insights gathered from both consumers and the health providers on this topic. The infographic below has been designed using insights gathered from conversations with actual consumers and providers in Myanmar to illustrate the ideal vs. actual patient journey for hypertension management. The graphic is meant to highlight both successes and challenges along the cascade of care for hypertension, and also serves as a tool for providers to better understand and meet the needs of individuals striving to manage their high blood pressure.

Both countries plan to offer community-wide screening and awareness events as part of World Hypertension Day.


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