Charting the Way Forward for the FP2020 Global Consensus Statement

By Sarah Anderson, Communications Intern 

In just a few weeks at the International Conference of Family Planning, FP2020 will be releasing its latest summary of the effort’s Global Consensus Statement, also known as Expanding Contraceptive Choice for Adolescents and Youth to Include Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARCs). PSI is among many organizations that endorses the statement, which reads, “We recognize and commit ourselves and call upon all programs promoting the sexual and reproductive health and rights of adolescents and youth to ensure full and informed choice of contraceptives.” 

The statement was created in 2015, and the question has since remained — how has it been used thus far? That’s why a working group of organizations, including PSI, distributed surveys to 43 endorsing organizations, including both global and national/regional offices. The results have illuminated the statement’s role over the years since its inception, revealing both positive progress and challenges for the future.

How Have We Been Doing?  

Surveyed organizations were asked: over the past two years, has your organization taken steps to actively engage in contributing to advancing the Global Consensus Statement’s agenda on expanding contraceptive choice for adolescents and youth to include LARC? 

Results indicated that the vast majority of organizations have been working towards the Statement’s goal, though there is still room to grow, particularly at the national/regional level.   

Where are We Going?  

Results showed a bright future.  Every organization surveyed, 100 percent, answered yes to the question asking about whether their organization will take “steps/actions to be actively engaged in contributing to advancing the Global Consensus Statement agenda.”  

What Can We Do Better?  

In terms of improvement, the surveyed organizations had feedback on how to improve, answering which inhibiting factors prevented their engagement with the Statement. The top 3 responses given were lack of resources or staff time, lack of an advocacy toolkit, and lack of training on use of Global Consensus Statement. 

You can view the full report of survey results here 


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