Do the #DareToDream Challenge

At PSI, we’re making space at the table for the next gen to tell us what they want out of the solutions that serve them. In doing so, young people are redefining what it takes to deliver contraceptive counseling tailored to and branded for the unique needs of the girls we serve.

With and for girls, PSI’s flagship adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health program Adolescents 360 (A360) has learned that contraception alone isn’t relevant for adolescents and youth, today. What sticks, however, is the common thread of daring to dream – and how contraception can serve as that tool to bring young people a step closer to achieving their goals.

We invite you to watch the “Sisi Nanasi” music video (above), produced with support from Vodafone Foundation, to learn how we’re starting the conversation with girls—using their own insights—to inspire them to dream in a reframe of the value of contraception. The video is at the heart of how A360 Tanzania is reaching and mobilizing girls, and proof of the magic sparked when the power shifts into the hands of the consumers we serve.

Then, we want you to join the #DareToDream Challenge.

This International Women’s Day, join us in dialogue as we explore the topics Sisi Nanasi prompts us to consider: namely, what does it mean to be a young person who can achieve their dream? And how can contraception bring us all closer toward reaching our life goals?

Let’s take these questions – and your answers—to the digital airwaves as we invite you to post a video of you (plus friends!) dancing to the Sisi Nanasi chorus, all while answering how contraception powers you to #DareToDream.

 Step 1: Dance it out! Repeat after us:

Step 2: Produce your own video. Want an example? Here’s what some of our own PSIer’s recorded:  

Step 3: Post the video on Twitter and/or Instagram – and answer “Because of contraception, I can #DareToDream to _______________.” Don’t forget to tag #IWD2019 to get you in the conversation and @PSIImpact so we can share your post!

Produced in partnership with the Vodafone Foundation, the “Sisi Nanasi” video proves that young people are rewriting our approach to unleashing youth-powered impact that sticks.

This International Women’s Day, we’ve got one ask: will you join us at the frontline of this revolution, dancin’ shoes in hand?

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