PSI Exceeds FP2020 Goal Early!

by Amy Uccello, Senior Adolescent & Youth Sexual & Reproductive Health Technical Advisor, PSI

PSI is catalyzing bold ways of driving health breakthroughs, with and for the young people we serve.

The results? Well, the proof is in.

As of Dec. 2018, PSI had reached 14 million users under the age of 25 with modern contraception—an achievement that falls two years ahead of PSI’s Family Planning (FP) 2020 pledge to reach 10 million young people with a contraceptive method. It’s an achievement that sits squarely in line with PSI’s commitment to reimagining how our youngest consumers access the health services they need, on their own terms.

Meeting the FP2020 pledge comes on the heels of a youth-powered healthcare movement that has transformed PSI’s youth programming.

Since the 2018 launch of PSI’s Global Strategic Plan, we’ve flipped the script—we’re working with and for young people as equal partners in the health solutions that serve them. Our flagship adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health programs underscore that our job is to link health outcomes to the objectives young people define as their immediate needs, like financial stability or personal autonomy. This shift from a youth-centered to a youth-powered approach is exemplified by our increased youth programming, our contribution to the Global Consensus Statement on Meaningful Youth Engagement and our authoring of the Commitment to Ethics in Youth-Powered Design.

But our success isn’t without its learnings.

Our FP2020 pledge taught us that work was needed to truly understand who was coming through the service delivery door. As a result, we’ve devised a series of formulas to support how we track and record ages of our consumers, and how we can more effectively equip our network members to understand and respond to use-need in their respective countries.

PSI recognizes that young people remain drastically underserved and underrepresented in the health sector. We remain unwavering in our promise that all young people—regardless of age, marital status or parity—have access to the widest range of contraceptive options, where, how and from who they want. We’ve reached upwards of 14 million young people with modern contraception. But there are millions more young people who need our services. We’re committed to keeping the momentum going.

This article appears in PSI’s Impact magazine, released in tandem with Women Deliver 2019, as part of an ongoing conversation about putting #PowerInHerHands.

Banner Image: © PSI/Benjamin Schilling

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