Committing to the Future of Self-Care

In 1994, the 179 governments represented in Cairo at the first International Conference for Population and Development (ICPD) adopted a bold and visionary Programme of Action, which set out to support women and girls as they harnessed their power for their own sake, and for the benefits of their families, communities and nations.  

As we reflect on the progress of the ICPD commitments made in Cairo 25 years ago, we celebrate our successes but also remember that far too many people are being left behind. To pave the way towards Universal Health Coverage by 2030, we must reach those who lack agency, information and access to critical health services.  

Self-care interventions are among the most powerful commitments we will sign at the Nairobi Summit to open new ways to access healthcare, expanding coverage throughout a country’s healthcare system.  

It is with this in mind that the Self-Care Trailblazer Group (SCTG), a collection of various stakeholders representing international organizations, the donor community, governments, civil society, implementers and the private sector, has developed a commitment to ensure that the Sustainable Development Goals are reached by 2030.  

The tenants of the commitment are to mobilize people and communities to both demand and use self-care interventions for SRHR. 

 But the Self-Care Trailblazers have also committed to advocating for policies that also mobilize health systems and connect the consumer and self-care effectively to the health system. 

To achieve this, the Trailblazers have committed to:   

  • Grow a strong evidence base around self-care to inform policy at the global and country level;  
  • Catalyze demand for self-care;  
  • Strengthen the supply of quality, equitable accountable, self-care products and services;  
  • Strengthen the enabling environment, including policy and regulation, to scale up self-care. 

These four pillars are at the base of our commitment and will ensure that change is activated at both individual and community levels around the world. To learn more about how we are committing to amplifying the self-care movement for SRHR, read our entire commitment here.

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