Learn Why Patients Trust PongRo Health Center

Imagine if you had to cross three rivers to get to your nearest public health center—and when you get there, you must wait hours before you’re seen by a provider. You could go to the private health center nearby, but it’s too expensive.

For people in the Cambodian province of Kampong Chhnang and other rural provinces, this is an all too common experience. But when PongRo Health Center began working with USAID’s Enhancing Quality of Healthcare Activity (EQHA), quality healthcare came closer to home.

Led by FHI360 in partnership with PSI, Meridian Group International, and the International Training and Education Center for Health at the University of Washington, EQHA is working at PongRo and other clinics across Cambodia to improve the quality of healthcare for all Cambodians and create trust in the services provided by health centers and referral hospitals.

Want to see EQHA in action? Check out the video below to learn how PongRo Health Center is creating an environment of trust and satisfaction for its patients.

Banner image credit: (c)PSI/Piers Benatar

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