Together, we can eliminate cervical cancer

In one year, 1 in 2 women with cervical cancer will die from the disease – with the majority of deaths occurring in low and middle-income countries.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Cervical cancer is preventable and treat​able​. But with limited education and awareness, plus barriers to comprehensive ​care, girls and women across developing countries ​often do not receive the services that can save their lives.

With the right resources, we can eliminate cervical cancer. But to get there, we need buy-in from all. ​

PSI works with government​s ​and partners ​across philanthropic and commercial sectors to support 19 countries​’ efforts to achieve the WHO’s global cervical cancer elimination goals. And we’ve documented the work and ​lessons learned in our latest video, below.

An investment in cervical cancer ​elimination ​is an investment in the future of women and the power they bring to their families, their communities and their nations.

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