PSI and Partners Take On COVID-19

As the world faces the uncertainty of a global pandemic, PSI is strengthening our efforts to respond quickly and effectively.

COVID-19 presents unique challenges that are straining already fragile health care systems and threatening vulnerable populations around the world.

This pandemic reveals the interconnectedness of our world in glaring focus and highlights the ever-critical importance of ensuring individuals have access to the health care services and products that they need.

We are applying our 50 years of expertise to ensure that the people we serve get access to critical self-care, prevention and healthcare services during the COVID-19 crisis.

PSI’s COVID-19 response builds on our experience from previous outbreaks — like Ebola, Zika and cholera — to rapidly design, deploy and continually improve interventions that are effective and follow evolving global learnings. We are ensuring that we are diagnosing and designing our response in close collaboration with our partners, all under each specific, national context.

Right now, PSI teams across the world are beginning to:

  • Promote non-pharmaceutical interventions that will help stem the outbreak such as handwashing, social distancing and providing access to reliable sources of locally relevant information.
  • Curb the spread of false information surrounding COVID-19 by rapidly creating localized marketing strategies to dispel myths and provide accurate information on transmission, prevention and symptoms.
  • Expand our digital footprint to integrate key prevention, self-risk assessment and when needed, referral for clinical care.4
  • Support health providers and pharmacy staff to provide point-of-care information, accurate COVID-19 risk-counseling, diagnosis, treatment and case reporting.
  • Support Ministries of Health to establish and strengthen existing emergency operations centers, which track disease and response efforts nationally and regionally.
  • Build on our current information system capacity to support data capture and reporting from the health care sector to aid ongoing disease surveillance and better prepare ourselves and partners for future outbreaks

PSI is a trusted source of health services and information in communities where we work. People count on us to keep them healthy.

Please consider making a donation that will help provide families with essential health services while mitigating the effects and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

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Banner image credit: PMI Impact Malaria/Mwangi Kirubi


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