Private-Public Partnerships Can Power Us Through This Pandemic

On Thursday, May 21, the Global Health Council (GHC) convened experts on public-private partnerships for global health to discuss what it means to harness the essential relationship between governments and the private sector in the midst of a global pandemic.

PSI’s Vice President of Anglophone Africa, Dr. Susan Mukasa, joined colleagues across the sector for this conversation moderated by Trey Watkins, Senior Vice President of Global Health and Corporate Responsibility at GCI Health. Panelists included:

Five major learnings came from the event, both about the pandemic as a whole and about how to improve private-public partnerships now and in the future.

  1. Self-care is critical to the development of a health system that can serve everyone, a fact that has been brought to the fore during the COVID-19 pandemic. Creating an enabling environment for self-care is and will continue to be an urgent need across the globe.
  2. Strategic partnerships and collaborations are the best solutions to developing sustainable and healthy markets that can weather pandemics and other health crises, especially for vulnerable populations.
  3. The private sector, with its ability to be nimble and quickly scale up operations, is a critical partner in addressing health outcomes.
  4. Digital solutions, many of which provide self-care interventions, play a critical role in supporting efficient and sustainable health markets.
  5. Global policies for healthcare are only important if they can be pragmatically translated into action at the national, regional and local levels.

To learn how to maximize public-private partnerships, watch the full conversation below.

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