Watch How We’re Moving #50Forward

In January 1970, Phil Harvey and Dr. Tim Black founded Population Services International with revenue from a condom catalog they started, and an initial USAID grant. This allowed them to create their first social marketing campaign in Kenya.

50 years later, who we were at the start is still who we are today. We hold our consumers’ needs above all else, and we’re prepared to disrupt conventional thinking wherever we need to—including our own. These guiding principles have led us and continue to lead us to entirely new places, whether it’s toward the private sector, new technologies or new areas of the market.


As we forge into this new territory, how do we take into account the whole health system, and how can we use market insights to turn them into sustainable market solutions? And how do we continue to place our archetypal consumer, Sara, as the center and agent of her own progress in everything we do?

With our new video, we celebrate what we’ve achieved and look forward to the future of global health. Watch the above video to learn how you can move #50Forward with us.

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