PSI Ethiopia welcomes Dr. Dorothy Balaba

PSI is delighted to announce that Dr. Dorothy Balaba has been appointed as the Country Representative for PSI Ethiopia. Dr. Balaba will be taking the post on September 1 this year, leading an expansive team of more than 240 members who are passionate about marketing and dedicated to serving our archetypal consumer, Sara. Since 2003, PSI Ethiopia has marketed products and led programs to prevent and treat HIV, improved reproductive health for youth and adolescent populations, and built markets for sanitation while supporting the health system to deliver non-communicable disease services.

“At PSI/Ethiopia, we do more than simply provide products and services, we seek to create true change – by making markets work for the Sara – to increase the use of critical health products and services that are available, affordable, and desirable to the most vulnerable Ethiopian people.” — Dr. Balaba

The Ethiopia team achieves health impact by working with both government and private partners and by harvesting technology innovation to bring quality care closer to those who need it most. They empower Sara by including her in the design of sustainable healthcare solutions, offering her more choices and amplifying her voice in influencing national priorities.

Dr. Balaba’s main focus as the country leader is to build trusting relationships with her team and key stakeholders. She will integrate the principles of the PSI great managers model in her strategic, consultative and situational leadership approach. In doing so, Dr. Balaba hopes to clearly communicate PSI’s vision, and strategy, maintain a high performing team and align staff goals and values with that of PSI’s and the Ethiopian government.


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