PSI Tanzania Welcomes Bongo Mgeni

PSI is excited to welcome Bongo Mgeni into his newest position as Country Representative for Tanzania. Bongo leads the PSI Tanzania team across several departments, including finance, procurement, program management, supply chain management, sales and marketing, and quality assurance. The PSI Tanzania country team is comprised of 89 members, almost all Tanzanian nationals, who have expertise that cuts across health areas such as family planning, HIV, malaria and safe abortion.

Tanzania faces several roadblocks in terms of its health system and service delivery that can result in sickness and death from preventable diseases. With challenges such as the availability of drugs and supplies; a low number of skilled health providers, and limited access to insurance schemes, there are significant barriers to quality healthcare access. Women and young people are disproportionally affected, with maternal mortality rates remaining high over the last decade at around 500 per 100,000 live births.

PSI is dedicated to improving the lives of Tanzanians and implements a number of programs to address key market constraints within the health system. The PSI Tanzania portfolio includes the Adolescents360 (A360) project, PMI Vectorlink, Unitaid-funded HIV self-testing programming, the Government of Tanzania/Global Fund-backed Condom Social Marketing program and the Women’s Health Project. Check out the country team’s site page for more information.

Bongo will be leveraging his experience and skill set in providing leadership for the PSI Tanzania team as the CR. Learn more about Bongo from his PSI bio here.

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