Happy International Youth Day!

This Wednesday, August 12th 2020, we are calling for the integration of menstrual health components in sexual and reproductive health and rights programming as we spotlight the positive impact of youth-powered approaches — developing solutions that serve young people.  

When young people understand their health, they’re better equipped to make informed decisions about their healthOne missing component in understanding their sexual and reproductive health?  Menstrual health, a vital component of their development that is too often excluded from SRHR programming.  

Information about menstruation and its connections to sexual and reproductive health and rights are essential for young people who menstruate to feel empowered about their bodies, make decisions on them and lead a healthy life — and none of this stops for a pandemic.   

Join us this #IYD2020 as we continue to establish the importance of integrating menstrual health into SRHR programming and help us #closetheloop by providing young people with a holistic range of SRHR services.    

Social media highlights

We asked young people about the challenges they face when their menstrual health needs aren’t met and what they can do and achieve when they are. Here’s what they said! 

To celebrate International Youth Day with us, find our toolkit here! 

Learn from our Adolescent’s 360 Youth Officer, Jackline Rwegasira. as she discusses the importance of engaging girls to learn about their body changes, particularly around their menstrual health. When girls gain knowledge about their bodies, including their menstrual health, they are better equipped to make decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. 

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