We have no time to lose

By Kofi Amoo-Gottfried.

For PSI Board Member and DoorDash Vice President Kofi Amoo-Gottfried, PSI’s mission is personal. 

I lost my mom when I was young.  

The healthcare system where I was born and raised in Ghana was not equipped to diagnose and treat her condition. 

Every day around the world, thousands of people suffer the same fate. That’s why I serve on PSI’s Board of Directors and why I give monthly to PSI. We simply have no time to lose in helping people overcome their greatest health challenges.  

PSI’s mission is personal to me. I am intimately familiar with the challenging environments where PSI works and inspired by the innovative and unconventional ways PSI overcomes them.  For me, none of this is theoretical — the type of work PSI does directly impacts my family and friends. 

I choose to give monthly because I know how important it is for PSI to have dependable and predictable sources of funding – like monthly giving from individual donors. And right now, we have a special opportunity to consider sustaining this important work. If you join me and start a monthly donation of $5 or more before October 31st, an additional $100 per donor will be donated from the Barb Jones Memorial Fund to PSI to support their work with women and girls. 

PSI relies on sustainable funding like monthly donations to fuel their efforts and provide long term security to our work. And right now, every new monthly donation unlocks an additional $100 that will go toward helping women and girls tackle their greatest health challenges. 

Give monthly today – and unlock an additional $100 to help women and girls tackle their greatest health challenges. 


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