Strong Institutions Need Strong Governance

By Karl Hofmann, PSI President & CEO

One of PSI’s core values is Long Term Commitment to the people wserve. One of the ways we fulfill that commitment is by building strong local and national institutions through which PSI programs operate in the countries where we work.   

Many of these institutions are organized under local law to have their own governance structures, and we work hard to ensure these structures function well. We will soon hold our conference of all PSI’s chairwomen and chairmen from almost 30 NGOs affiliated with our network. 

The apex structure of PSI is our own Board of Directors, which recently conducted its annual renewal exercise by cycling off directors who have completed their terms and inviting new directors in their place. 

The impressive new 2021 PSI Board slate will further strengthen us. Professor Michele Goodwin is a leading voice in the field of reproductive rights and reproductive justice. Dr. Angela Gichaga is an authority on African health markets financing in the 21st century. Dr. Mosima Mabunda’s work with South Africa’s Discovery Vitality is among the most innovative health and wellness behavior change programs on the continent. And Kate Forbes brings decades of experience to international nonprofit governance and risk management to us.

The Board also elected Carolyn Brehm as the successor to Board Chair Gail Harmon, as Gail’s term is expiring this year. We’re grateful to Gail and Carolyn for headlining PSI’s 2020 Giving Tuesday online giving campaign, which exceeded PSI’s expected goals.  

Read more about PSI’s Board of Directors here. 

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