Frontline Health Defenders: World Health Worker Week 2021

Not every hero 

wears a cape

This World Health Worker Week, we’re celebrating the health workers and mobilizers, the providers and educators who make the essential, possible.

Since COVID-19’s start, health actors across PSI’s 40+ countries have pivoted with passion and perseverance to meet consumers’ health needs; they’ve helped to identify new channels, like WhatsApp, to provide timely and trusted services; and they’ve supported innovating systems, like e-learning platforms, to build the capacity integral to delivering on our commitment to client-centered care.
Now, in the year since COVID-19 took root, we’re pausing to honor the heroes on the frontlines and the partners who support them – every step of the way.
This week, meet the health workers helming our work on the ground; learn about their consumer-powered approach to engagement and counseling; and explore where we, alongside health workers everywhere, are heading as we progress toward Universal Health Coverage. 

learn about our

client-centered approach to care 

Through our quality-of-care guidelines, we work with providers to create an enabling, judgement-free environment centered on her–building trust so that she feels the health system is there for her.

Using PSI’s Counseling for Choice book, providers start the contraceptive conversation with consumers’ self-defined priorities – during and beyond the pandemic.

Explore how we’re

thinking forward 

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Our USAID-funded MOMENTUM Private Healthcare Delivery project explores how we integrate private sector providers into health systems so consumers can access quality services—no matter their entry point to care.

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