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Nominate PSI for Philosopher Peter Singer’s Berggruen Prize Funding 

PSI extends a warm congratulations to Peter Singer. The noted philosopher, author of The Life You Can Save, and longtime supporter of PSI recently won the Berggruen Prize for Philosophy and CultureWith the support of The Life You Can Save, the effective giving organization he founded, Singer will be donating a portion of the prize funding to The Life You Can Save’s charities. Want to help determine which organizations receive funding? Vote for Population Services International at

Singer is a leader in the effective altruism movement and author of several books about the importance of donating to organizations that make the greatest impact for poverty alleviation and world health, including The Life You Can Save. His philanthropic work inspired him to found The Life You Can Save, an organization based on his book, that directs funding to effective charitable organizations, including PSI. 

Singer’s work has impacted countless lives through his advocacy for effective giving, his support for The Life You Can Save, and as an inspiration for those that have heeded his call to pledge as much of their income as possible toward charitable impact. The Life You Can Save estimates that for every $1 they spend, $17 is directed to charitable partners, like PSI.  

Singer’s support has allowed us to connect with so many committed and ardent supporters of global health since 2009 and helped to direct thousands of dollars in funding to effective solutions to some of the world’s most pressing health challenges. The PSI team is so grateful for his support and extends congratulations to him and his team for this monumental honor. 

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