Case Study: Unlocking Domestic Resources

In India, PSI assisted the government of Uttar Pradesh (UP) in the development of a mechanism including an online platform, the Hausala Sajheedari (HS) (Courageous Partnership), that helps unlock domestic resources. The platform simplifies the entire process from the moment a private healthcare provider applies for accreditation to the moment that provider gets reimbursed for services provided.  

“Digitizing documents through HS has dramatically reduced the paperwork needed for reimbursement,” says Dr. Anupama Sharma, an OBGYN at the Navdeep Hospital in Uttar Pradesh. 

The result? Health providers who can deliver on their commitment to quality, consumer-powered care. 

HS increases efficiency, accountability and transparency. It allows public money to flow seamlessly to accredited private providers, who are now able to deliver quality sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services to poor and vulnerable populations that would otherwise not be able to access them.  

“Using HS has led to a multi-fold increase in clients coming for not just family planning, but other SRH services too,” says Dr. Alka Bindal, an OBGYN at the Leelawati Hospital in Agra. 

It has been three years since PSI transitioned HS platform management and financing to the UP government. Today, HS is still operational across the 75 districts in UP, and the government continues to allocate budget and provide leadership and technical expertise to sustain the platform. 

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