In Costa Rica, PSI network member Proyectos en Salud Integral (PSI Costa Rica) enters the health market through nontraditional channels. This approach ensures that all Costa Rican consumers have access to the health products and services they deserve so that they can make informed decisions about their health.

Our Presence in
Costa Rica

PSI (Proyectos en Salud Integral) Costa Rica & PaSMO

Proyectos en Salud Integral (PSI Costa Rica) is a member of the Pan American Social Marketing Organization (PASMO) network. PASMO is a Central American organization and global PSI network member comprised of professionals in social marketing who are passionate about creating and contributing to sustainable health solutions. PSI Costa Rica works with the Ministry of Health and local non-governmental organizations to help train, educate and empower high-risk populations.

In addition to PASMO’s offices, Proyectos en Salud Integral opened its own Costa Rican office in 2002. Since its inception, PSI Costa Rica has worked to prevent HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections by selling high-quality male condoms in local markets at competitive prices.

How we

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Market Development



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In 2018, Proyectos en Salud Integral (PSI Costa Rica) achieved the following health impact:



lives saved from HIV


1.7 million

condoms distributed



users reached with our products and services

Practice Areas
We Focus On

PSI Costa Rica’s main goal is to increase awareness and prevention of domestic violence in areas of high vulnerability due to drug trafficking and gang activity. PSI Costa Rica also develops inter-institutional procedures to increase government capacity for victim assistance services.

Working with a variety of stakeholders, PSI Costa Rica has made important advances in positioning the topic of domestic violence and its effect on youth in at-risk communities among key institutions and key stakeholders.

UNAIDS estimates that in 2018, Costa Rica’s HIV prevalence rate was 0.4% to 0.5% of the adult population. However, the actual number of cases is most likely higher due to the transient culture and widespread stigma that prevents many from accessing HIV/AIDS-related health services. The PSI Costa Rica sales team uses nontraditional channels to promote VIVE condoms, which are the leading brand of condoms in Central America, launched by the Pan American Social Marketing Organization, a PSI network member, over 20 years ago.

Featured Projects

Building the Capacity of Youth, Communities and Organizations to Prevent and Address Domestic Violence in Costa Rica

Donor: US Embassy to Costa Rica

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