Society for Family Health (SFH) Dominican Republic is dedicated to improving the availability of, access to, and use of health information, products and services for its most vulnerable consumers by leveraging social marketing and behavior change communication strategies and working in alliance with the public sector, private sector and other NGOs. 

Our Presence in
The Dominican Republic

SFH Dominican Republic

Society for Family Health (SFH) Dominican Republic was established as a local nonprofit organization in the Dominican Republic in 2014 but has operated in the country as PSI Dominican Republic since 2003. Since its founding, SFH has successfully implemented sexual and reproductive health (SRH), drinking water, prevention of other sexually transmitted infections to young people in rural and city areas, gender-based violence prevention projects, diabetes prevention, social marketing with health products, especially condoms, research development and campaign development of behavior change, as well as strengthening of civil society organizations. All these interventions have been carried out across the country.

How we

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In 2018, SFH provided 16,792 years of healthy life for Dominicans, including:


years of protection against unintended pregnancy provided for couples


million condoms sold or distributed


users reached with modern contraception


users reached with HIV testing

Practice Areas
We Focus On

SFH works to bring attention to mental health, an under-funded health area, by de-stigmatizing mental health services and promoting the use of resources or holistic health. Through its investigations, SFH has generated evidence on the state of mental healthcare  in the Dominican Republic and implements a model of care with a community approach together with the health sector, communities and people affected. Its innovation includes outpatient mental health care through mobile services, promotion of healthy lifestyles, effective referrals and promotion of the integration of communities in the detection and attention of the main mental health conditions.

SFH has a legacy of implementing successful sexual and reproductive health (SRH) interventions, which it has accomplished by leveraging social marketing and behavior change communication strategies and working in alliance with the public sector, private sector and other non-governmental organizations. Their interventions have included the prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancy and gender-based violence; and the promotion of SRH rights, information, products and services among vulnerable populations.

SFH works with other regional platforms to reduce the rate of Zika transmission, with a focus on pregnant women. SFH does this using a variety of methods, while also focusing on training young people to communicate with their peers and spread information about Zika prevention and protection using social networks.

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Wendy Alba

Executive Director SFH Dominican Republic

Catalina Jermann

Head of Program Management, Africa PSI Global


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