Pan American Social Marketing Organization (PASMO) Honduras makes high-quality health products and services available so that as the populations they serve continue to learn about and demand good health practices, they will have the tools they need to live healthy, happy lives. 

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PASMO Honduras began its operations in 2000, focusing primarily on sexual and reproductive health. The platform’s goal has been to contribute to the overall reduction in the incidence of sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS. PASMO Honduras has worked to achieve this goal through its social marketing program, which takes a holistic approach to promote healthy behaviors. PASMO Honduras works to support individuals in leading healthy lives by providing information through various formats, so that it is not only easy for individuals to understand, but so that it may be associated with products which are accessible, available and contribute to saving lives. More recently, through its health programs, PASMO Honduras has become a leading organization in the implementation of sexual and reproductive health programs for vulnerable and at-risk girls and adolescents.

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In 2018, Pan American Social Marketing Organization’s (PASMO) products and services provided 17,526 years of healthy life for Hondurans, including:


healthy years provided by modern contraception


years of protection from unplanned pregnancy provided for couples


users reached with modern contraception


users reached with HIV testing


million condoms distributed

Practice Areas
We Focus On

PASMO Honduras runs programs for sexual and reproductive health that place special emphasis on the prevention of teenage pregnancies and the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. One of these programs, “Chicas en Conexión,” creates safe spaces for girls for their development. Under the “Jóvenes Saludables” program, PASMO Honduras carries out social and behavior change communication interventions that seek to develop life skills in young people that enable them to prevent teenage pregnancies and STIs, including Zika. With these interventions and resources, adolescents can decide for themselves how they wish to exercise and live their sexuality responsibly.

PASMO Honduras promotes outreach interventions for men who have sex with men and transgender women that focus on knowing one’s HIV status, HIV testing and counseling services, index testing services and referrals for treatment and other complementary services. PASMO Honduras also works to ensure that individuals are linked to care and that adequate support is provided along the entire HIV continuum of care. HIV prevention efforts also include reducing stigma and discrimination towards key populations and persons living with HIV. 

The distribution of health products is a strategy that complements our behavior change communication strategy. PASMO Honduras recognizes the importance of directing efforts to improve the availability and accessibility of condoms for the population, especially for those with greater risk of HIV infection. PASMO’s availability and accessibility program focuses on product distribution by means of three distribution channels: traditional, non-traditional and channels where high-risk behaviors take place.

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Julio Zúniga

Julio Zúniga

Executive Director PASMO Honduras
Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

Vice President, Global Fundraising and Communications PSI Global

Catalina Jermann

Head of Program Management, Africa PSI Global


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