In Liberia, PSI works with consumers to develop the market for health products and services, especially for sexual and reproductive health, sanitation, HIV and health service delivery.

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Our Presence in

PSI Liberia

PSI Liberia was founded in 2008 and worked in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to establish and implement a Basic Package of Health Services and assist in reaching the goals set by the National Poverty Reduction Strategy. At the request of the government, PSI Liberia’s first program focused on adolescent sexual and reproductive health, including HIV. In 2009, a child survival program was initiated to establish a market for WaterGuard household water treatment products, which prevent diarrhea and other waterborne diseases. In 2010, PSI Liberia launched Star condoms, the only national branded condom.

How we

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Market Development



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In 2018, PSI Liberia saved more than 12,000 lives, including:


condoms distributed


HIV diagnostic tests conducted


bottles of safe water solutions distributed

More than


local entrepreneurs trained to construct quality toilets

Practice Areas
We Focus On

PSI Liberia works with members of key populations, especially men who have sex with men, transgender people and female sex workers, to reduce new HIV infections. Members of these communities are trained to conduct HIV tests for their peers and teach them how to navigate health systems to make sure people living with HIV are on treatment and that they continue it. With support from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, PSI Liberia addresses barriers to accessing HIV services using peer-to-peer approaches, drop-in centers, delivery of sexually transmitted infection treatments and the distribution of condoms with compatible lubricants. PSI Liberia also delivers HIV testing and antiretroviral therapy to marginalized communities and works to reduce the amount of people on HIV treatment who are lost to follow up, ensuring that people retain undetectable levels of HIV and avoid transmitting it to others.

PSI Liberia works extensively with the Ministry of Health to build their capacity for behavior change communication and ensure that the ministry responds to and communicates about health issues in a timely and appropriate fashion. PSI Liberia has worked on capacity building for the ministry of health at several levels by mentoring and demonstrating behavior change communications around sanitation, immunization and malaria, among other diseases.

PSI Liberia is also working with Ministry of Health to facilitate the development of a comprehensive sexual and reproductive health training module for health workers. In addition, PSI Liberia is also working to develop the capacity of health service providers to insert and remove IUDs, which will help develop the supply of contraceptives on the market.

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Rajiv Dua

Country Representative PSI Liberia


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