In Mozambique, we collaborate with our consumers to develop and scale health products and services that transform access and quality, especially for sexual and reproductive health.  

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PSI Mozambique

Established in 1995, in partnership with the Government of Mozambique and international donors such as the Royal Netherlands Embassy, DFID, USAID, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) and other private foundations, PSI Mozambique has implemented social marketing and behavior change communications to deliver prevention and treatment products and services across a range of health areas including sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, malaria, water, sanitation, hygiene and cervical cancer.

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In 2018, PSI added over 400,000 years of healthy life with its products and services, which include:


years of protection from unintended pregnancy provided for Mozambican couples

Practice Areas
We Focus On

To generate catalytic models that can transform information, access and uptake of sexual and reproductive health services, PSI Mozambique builds client-centered demand creation and service delivery models to scale within PSI’s work—as well as inspire our partners and network members to replicate these models as needed. 

PSI Mozambique builds upon national commitment and momentum towards adolescent sexual and reproductive health solutions. We bring the consumer’s voice to the fore using nationally televised mini-series like “Aquele Papo,” or community-level dialogue with sexual partners, parents and community leaders. PSI aims to amplify the voices of those seeking information and service. 

PSI Mozambique manages the country’s leading condom brand, JEITO. JEITO is positioned as a fun, energetic brand that embodies world class marketing and quality standards. Through partnerships with national distributors, JEITO continues to be the most preferred and widely used and available condom in Mozambique.

Featured Projects


Donor: UK Aid (UK Department for International Development)

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Support for International Family Planning Organizations (SIFPO2)

Donor: USAID

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Social Marketing for Health

Donor: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

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PEER: Evaluating innovative technologies and approaches to addressing cervical cancer in the Republic of Mozambique

Donor: USAID and the National Academies of Science

Project Lead: MD Anderson Cancer Center

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PMI VectorLink

Donor: US President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI)

Project Lead: Abt Associates

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Project Ignite

Donor: Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

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