PSI’s network member in Rwanda, Society for Family Health (SFH) works with consumers to create innovative approaches to unlock and accelerate opportunities in sexual and reproductive health, maternal and child health, HIV, malaria and sanitation that allow them to access quality services. 

Our Presence in

SFH Rwanda

SFH Rwanda, which was established in 2012, complements the efforts of the Government of Rwanda in its priority heath areas of maternal and child health, sanitation, malaria, sexual and reproductive health and HIV. Using SFH Rwanda works to address market failures in the public health space across the country.

How we

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Market Development



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In 2019, SFH Rwanda, saved over 247,498 lives with its products and services, which includes:


modern contraceptives distributed


liters of water purified

Practice Areas
We Focus On

SFH Rwanda aims to break barriers to and increase the use of contraceptive services in Rwandan districts with high maternal morbidity and mortality. SFH works with local governments to integrate innovative sexual and reproductive health outreach activities into public health facilities in order to reach underserved communities.

SFH Rwanda works to close gaps in the market and increase demand for malaria products and services across the country by providing quality products and services and reducing the malaria burden for pregnant women, children under five and families. SFH works with local governments and community networks in order to raise awareness and increase access to malaria prevention products and services.

Aiming to increase access to affordable products and services that reduce HIV infections among key and general populations, SFH Rwanda works to increase the use of HIV prevention services.  SFH works with community networks and the private sector to reach vulnerable communities. 

In order to provide a complete continuum of care to reduce maternal, neonatal and child mortality and morbidity across the country, SFH Rwanda reduces barriers to access including distance from health facilities by advocating for quality antenatal, delivery and post-natal services in rural and vulnerable communities. SFH works with local governments to integrate innovative service packages in the health facilities for the underserved communities.

Featured Projects

Towards Universal Healthcare

Donor: Imbuto Foundation

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Rwanda Military Program

Donor: US. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and the US Department of Defense (DoD)

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Malaria Prevention Project

Corporate Partner: SC Johnson

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PMI Impact Malaria

Donor: US President’s Malaria Initiative

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Jannet Opio

Chief of Party, Rwanda Social Marketing Program SFH Rwanda


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