Impact No. 19: Focus on the 21st Century Development Worker

In this most recent issue of Impact magazine, discover what top thought leaders from US Global Development Lab at USAID, DFID, UNITAID, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and more say about which skills will be critical for development professionals in the next 10 years.

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Health Mobilizer

High Tech Meets Low Tech

How PSI And Mercycorps Used mHealth Communications Solutions

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Zeroing in on Ebola

Increasing data collection and connectivity helped stem the tide of the disease, but what needs to happen to finish the job?

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Bringing Innovation to the Front Line of Global Health

Lelio Marmora, UNITAID executive director, discusses how to accelerate introduction of effective new health solutions.

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Expanding the Bottom Line: Realistic Sustainability

The private sector takes on a public health challenge

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Development Worker

DFID’s Innovation Hub Wants You

Up for venture-style funding, online competition and creative collaboration? Then you just may be the future of development.

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Disrupting Global Health

Get inspired by five cutting-edge programs from around the world.

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Can a Bajaji Change a Teen Girl’s Life?

How Pam Scott, and PSI brought Human-Centered Design to Teen Pregnancy in Tanzania

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Getting Out of the Box

A Business Case for Engaging Senior Leadership in the Field

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Who will Finance the Modern Development Enterprise?

The shrinking landscape of public funding demands a few new creative solutions.

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Seven Questions for Ann Mei Chang

The first executive director of the US Global Development Lab at USAID is breaking bureaucratic barriers aiming to make risktaking and iteration the rule rather than the exception in global health.

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