Interagency Gender Working Group Resources

IGWG’s training materials can be used to introduce a broad range of audiences and backgrounds to important concepts related to gender and health. Each training course focuses on one of five themes that complement the CORE Gender 101 agenda: Gender Integration, HIV + Sexuality, Safe Motherhood, Gender-Based Violence, and Constructive Male Engagement. The courses are designed to meet the geographic and technical needs of cooperating agencies, USAID Missions, and specific projects. Materials range from basics such as using a shared gender vocabulary and programmatic guidance, to user guides on how to conduct a gender analysis, to exercises for gender trainings. The trainings are geared to be used by anyone and with any audience, even those learning about gender for the first time!


01 #PeoplePowered

02 Breaking Taboos

03 Moving Care Closer to Consumers

04 Innovating on Investments

Let's Talk About Sex