On-demand contraceptives

What is woman-controlled,
on-demand contraception?

For the first time, there is a robust pipeline of female-controlled, on-demand methods poised for market introduction to meet the needs of a large segment of women and girls who have infrequent sex.


Discrete, provides confidence to enjoy sex whenever she wants to


Convenient, peri-, during or post-coital use, doesn’t require continuous usage.

Gets us Closer
to UHC

"Entry" methods that can support new, lapsing or traditional method users at varying stages of their lifecycle

Contraceptive Options


There are currently three different product formulations in exploration. Some offer the option of a pill that can be taken 24 hours before or after sex, with a certain frequency per months. Others offer the option of a weekly pill that can be taken when consumers choose. An on-demand pill is taken orally rather than vaginally, so offers complete discretion and does not disrupt sex


The unique, contoured shape was designed by women to fit the female anatomy. It’s comfortable, easy to use, effective and one size fits most. Caya is 100% hormone-free, with no side effects. It is used only when consumers need it, at the moment they need it and can be inserted hours before sex.


The first and only hormone-free prescription birth control gel that consumers can control.